"Stay Safe with Nature" 
Face Coverings Fundraiser!

We are all trying to go the extra mile right now to stay safe and sanitary in the face of the global COVID pandemic.
 Part of that is covering our faces in public, so why not do it in style?!

As Canadian wildlife photographers we are passionate about making a difference. 
It has become our mission to "give back to nature" by supporting wildlife rehabilitation and conservation 
through our proceeds of our "unique wearable works of art" 
featuring our wildlife images and scenes of nature on beautiful Canadian-made apparel. 

To continue our support, we are inviting you to join us as we donate $5 for every 
face covering sold towards Friends of Kananaskis Country and the amazing work that they do! 
Please join us in helping make a difference!
Our unique, Canadian-made 200 thread count, 100% cotton sateen face coverings are silky soft against your skin and printed with
 permanent reactive inks, so they won't fade or washout. They feature a light stainless-steel nose piece to ensure a snug fit, and soft
 fabric elastic that can be adjusted to fit your head shape. The have an internal filter pocket which acts as a double layer
 of fabric while also allowing you to insert an additional filter suited to your needs. 

While we don't have a choice to change our lifestyle to suit the world, we do get to choose the artwork we wear!
 Cover up with our custom nature-themed printed face coverings, featuring our wildlife images and scenes of nature.
 Reconnect with nature and remember your purchases help support wildlife rehab and conservation as we all stay safe and stylish! 
Order now and receive a FREE pkg of PM2.5 Filters 
for each face covering ordered!
"First Encounter"
Grey wolves are such an elusive creature. Most of our photos of this beautiful animal up until now had all been butts and tails - until now! It was a brief "First Encounter" as he paused momentarily giving me this one last glance ...
"Window to the Soul"
Great Grey Owl are one of my favorite birds to photograph! I never get tired of seeing their mesmerizing eyes that draw you in ... offering a glimpse into the
 "Window to the Soul"
"Wild Rose Garden"
Mother Nature's "Wild Rose Garden" is full of beautiful Alberta Wild Roses.
 A lovely reminder of the beauty that can be found anywhere - including ditches, along fence lines and throughout our forests!
"The Awakening"
It had been a long cold winter when we came upon this huge grizzly one 
early spring. He definitely was on a 
mission of finding food after his recent
 "Awakening" from a long hibernation.
 One can never get enough of seeing 
these magnificent creatures!
"A Birder's Quest"
Nothing warms my heart more than hearing the distinct songs of the chickadees. Not until we moved to the country did we realize there are a
 variety of them and were blessed one 
winter with all 4 at our bird feeders. 
This was truly "a Birder's Quest!"
Do you remember "Smokey the Bear?" While growing up, he was a very familiar icon to many of us to encourage people to prevent forest fires by dousing their campfire. Black bears are very intelligent, creative and resourceful animals that show amazing insight and planning to maintain their survival today.  
Here's what people are saying about us ...

Stan and Keltie are amazing wildlife photographers and I love how they have incorporated it into a clothing line. What makes them unique is their love for wildlife and their passion to preserve it. They are not only talking about it, but they are doing something about it. Not only are they donating a portion of the proceeds from their photography products, they are also directly involved with wildlife rehabilitation. I love hearing the stories of how they fostered fawns and owlets. Stan and Keltie’s hearts are in the right place.
                                                                                                                        - Nicki Chang-Powless

   Meet the Creators - Keltie & Stan Masters

Keltie and Stan are an Alberta born husband and wife team of wildlife photographers who are passionate about making a difference. What started out as a means to share the beauty of nature through their lenses grew the desire to learn more about the need to preserve the amazing wildlife and their environment that enhances our daily lives.
It has become their mission to "give back to nature" by supporting wildlife rehabilitation through their proceeds of their Canadian-made "unique wearable works of art" featuring their wildlife images and scenes of nature on their stunning Back to Nature Apparel. 
They have been guest speakers at numerous events, and their beautiful Back to Nature clothing line was featured in the 2019 Executive Women International Fashion Show with great reviews! In December, 2020 they were featured across Canada on CTV News and The National for their unique face mask fundraiser. Today they continue to participate in wildlife rehab programs through fawn fostering and designing exclusive apparel lines for wildlife centers. It is through their passion for photography and their desire to help people reconnect with nature through their clothing line that they have created a foundation of "making a difference." 

Questions & Answers

Q: How do I know what size I need?
A: Once you click on the above link, it will take you to the product page where you will see the various sizes available and the applicable measurements for each size. Face coverings are available in 3 Youth sizes and 4 Adult sizes and you will find the measurements there.

Q: Can we order more filters?
A: Absolutely! You will find them on our website under "Accessories" as Face Covering Filters and come in pkgs of 2 filters.

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?
A: Due to the unexpected recent number of orders we received after CTV News and The National aired a segment on our face masks, we are currently out of stock on some images and/or sizes that you have ordered. But more are due to arrive by the end of January. Once they do, we will email you with a notification when your order is being mailed out to you. 

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